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This is the official blog for Matthew D. Laudato. If you like what you read (or not), please comment!

I’ve been in the software business for around 20 years as an engineer and engineering manager, and recently have shifted into marketing. The site contains my opinions, mostly on technology and business related matters.

About the title, Technistas. It has no political or other connotations. I was simply looking for a catchy title with a tech theme, and it sort of popped into my head. Since no one else was using it as far as I could tell, it stuck.


– Matt


Written by Matthew D. Laudato

January 17, 2008 at 8:39 pm

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  1. […] fact that people are often more important than processes.  As a result, I was really glad to see Matthew Laudato apply MBWA techniques to agile development and coin the term Scrum By Walking Around.  In his […]

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